When to Replace the Struts in Your Volvo S60

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?Want to be a dutiful car owner? Start by taking proper care of your new Volvo vehicle. Here at our Volvo service center in Bellevue, WA, we recommend scheduling regular service appointments as well as practicing safe-driving habits. It’s also a good idea to spot issues before they become too large to repair. Start by learning when it’s time to replace the struts or shocks in your Volvo vehicle.  


Indicators of Bad Struts or Shocks

Start by checking how your vehicle is driving. If it’s driving normally, then your struts are probably fine. However, if your ride has become increasingly bumpy, you may want to take a closer look. Since struts and shocks are meant to absorb the impact of bumps on the road, a bumpy ride indicates faulty struts, especially, if the road you’re driving on is smooth. You should also feel completely in control when driving over holes and dips in the road, so if you feel like you might lose control of your vehicle, your struts or shocks definitely need to be replaced. 


Another key sign of problematic struts or shocks is a stiff steering wheel. When driving, you should be able to easily maneuver your wheel at any time. If this becomes difficult, or you feel like you have to forcefully handle your steering wheel, then you may have issues with your struts or shocks. Next time you’re making a turn, think about just how easily your wheel turns. You should also check to see if your tires have uneven tread wear. Uneven tread wear could be a sign that your struts have affected the wheel alignment of your Volvo S60 


Next Steps: Service Center

If you notice these signs in your vehicle, then it’s definitely time to head to our service center at Volvo Cars of Bellevue. We'll get your struts and shocks working like new.

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