Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Have you noticed that your tire’s rubber is browning? This is called by something called tire bloom or rot that deteriorates the coating on the rubber. Brake dust and corrosive materials can often get into the pores, grooves, and sidewalls of your tires, which also causes brown tires. Since you probably drive frequently, if you don’t clean your tires, this probably can get worse until you have to replace your tires.

To start cleaning your tires, you need a hose or sponge with clean water to rinse off your tires first. Then, you can apply a tire cleaning solution. These are formulated to clean tires without affecting the tire’s coating, which is made of antiozonant. It’s best if you find a cleaner that does not contain formaldehyde or raw silicone. With any cleaner, you should be careful to rinse your tires carefully so that no film or residue is left behind, specifically within your tire’s sidewall.

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