Volvo V60 Handles and Looks Like a Champ

Volvo V60 Inscription Trim is a champion on the road in Bellevue and on interstates across the country. It's wonderful power under the hood, smooth handling, spacious cabin and ingenious interior layout make it a coveted option in the midsize sport wagon class. Our Volvo Cars Bellevue likes the powered tailgate and the huge, sturdy alloy wheels. We also love a bunch of other features, such as these two.

Goldilocks Temperatures for Every Passenger

Considering the Volvo V60 Inscription Trim has a revamped, expanded rear passenger space and cargo area that boast tons of cubic feet, it's understandable the Volvo V60 Inscription Trim has quad-zone climate control. All that interior space needs its own sectional climate control to ensure that every driver and passenger rides along in optimal personal comfort, day in, day out.

Sensible, Supreme Navigation

Hook your smartphone up to the Volvo V60 Inscription Trim for detailed, user friendly navigation. Volvo V60 Inscription Trim's Sensus Navigation connects with smartphones via Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi or a separate SIM, letting you transmit navigation data from your phone and receive targeted, navigation-oriented info.

Swing by our dealership today, and pair your smartphone with Volvo V60 Inscription Trim Sensus Navigation during a brief, fun test drive.



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