Volvo S90 Momentum Trim Overview

The Volvo S90 Momentum is a top sedan in the luxury midsize class. When you look at the Volvo S90, the first thing you notice is the space inside, but the Momentum also features some of the upgrades that you don’t get with the base edition. For example, the LCD display is larger, and the seats are leather upholstery. While this version still has front-wheel drive, the engine is a turbocharged premium unleaded four-cylinder, and you’ll get 255 horsepower.

Drivers report that the Volvo S90 Momentum is a top vehicle because of its handling and power steering as well. Responsive and fast, you’ll love to cruise along in the Momentum trim. There are a few technology upgrades in this version as well. With lots of connectivity and options, the S90 Momentum also includes satellite radio, GPS navigation, driver assist features, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

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