Don't Underestimate the Volvo XC60 as Part of the Luxury Compact SUV Market This Model Year

Not everybody is looking for the biggest and baddest engine out there. However, a lot of people care about the amount of power that they get when it comes to efficiency levels. Volvo has designed their vehicles to keep up with other luxury compact SUVs on the market, but this year's XC60 has a lot of options to consider for performance. Whether you want to save some money at the gas pump, or you want to make sure you can tow items behind your vehicle, there is something for everyone.

The T5 trim level is the most basic. It includes a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that has plenty of power to get you to work each day or on your next adventure. You can upgrade to the T6 for supercharged and turbocharged power. The T8 is a hybrid option.



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