How Drivetrain Can Affect Your Vehicle's Performance

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Walk into our Volvo dealership near Seattle, WA and you’ll find a wide array of new Volvo cars with a variety of different drivetrain options. Some of our customers who visit us don't really know how a vehicle's drivetrain affects its performance, but in reality, your vehicle's drivetrain can make or break your driving experience.  Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new or pre-owned Volvo, you’ll most likely have the option of choosing either two-wheel drive (2WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). Both allow you to have a worthwhile driving experience, but they are quite different from one another when it comes to mechanics.  

How 2WD Impacts Your Performance

Your drivetrain's main job is to deliver power to specific wheels. In a vehicle with 2WD, the drivetrain pushes power exclusively to either the front or rear wheels. In models such as the S60 T5 Momentum, this type of drivetrain option does an excellent job of conserving gasoline and is also typically cheaper than other alternatives. Plus, 2WD is a great choice for drivers who don’t often encounter rough road conditions and spend most of their time driving on pavement rather than dirt, mud, or snow.  

How AWD Impacts Your Performance


Vehicles with AWD, such as the XC60 T5 Inscription, excel when it comes to control and traction. This driving system provides power to all four wheels which grants drivers much more grip on the road as a result. If you're vehicle has AWD, you're able to operate better when road conditions aren’t at their best, so they're for anyone who wants to venture beyond the pavement.  


If you’re still on the fence as to which drivetrain option will better serve your automotive needs, Volvo Cars of Bellevue is here to help you make an informed decision. It's our goal to send you home in a vehicle that isn’t just safe, reliable, and comfortable, but surpasses your expectations as well. 

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