Beat the Heat with These Summer Car Care Tips


July is smack in the middle of summer and often the hottest time of year. Many don't know that your car feels the effects of the scorching heat just as much as you do. This is where car owners need to take extra care to ensure their car can continue to operate reliably under rising temperatures. We're here to explain some basic summer maintenance for your Volvo vehicle.

The first component you should check is the A/C system. Without incoming cool air, the car cabin can quickly turn into a sauna. Bring your car to our Volvo service center near Tacoma, WA to have the A/C system inspected. A technician can check for a potential freon leak or another issue.

The tires also deserve your attention. Tire blowouts increase dramatically during summer. In fact, the months between May and October are known as “blowout season.” The heat causes air expansion inside tire, causing the rubber to expand. Check the tires using the tried-and-true penny test. On the issues of tires, we also suggest carrying a canister of Fix-a-Flat in your trunk.

We also suggest checking all the belts and hoses. The heat can cause these components to become brittle and more susceptible to cracks. They can also begin to lose tension, which can spell big problems down the road.

Finally, be sure to take small measures that increase your commute comfort. Use a sunshade whenever you park outside. This way, the interior doesn’t feel like an oven when you get inside. Also, have some bottled water, baby wipes, and other summer essentials in the trunk in case you need them.

Even with improved technology and automotive innovation, no car is immune to summer heat buildup. This is especially true during lengthy commutes. Speaking of summer, come by Volvo Cars Bellevue during this season to check out models like the 2020 Volvo XC40 and more. We hope to see you soon!

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