The Volvo S60 Impresses With Safety Features

Automobiles are more than convenient pieces of machinery built to quickly transport living things and other goods across town and beyond. Those of us at Volvo Cars Bellevue can appreciate a well-built automobile when we come across one. The Volvo S60 takes the vehicle's purposes beyond transportation.

Popular as ever, the luxury sedan is great in terms of safety features. Plenty of these features come standard on the vehicle. Look at forward collision warning as a great example. You won't get caught running into the car in front of you with this feature. Another nifty standard safety feature is lane departure warning.

We've all accidentally drifted outside of our driving lane on occasion. The lane departure warning will make sure you don't drift too far away; combine the feature with the straightforward lane keep assist and straying in your lane has never been easier. Experience more from the Volvo S60 by taking a test drive through Bellevue.


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