Volvo Brand Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Modern Seat Belt


The Volvo brand takes great pride in vehicle safety. This is evident in models like the 2020 Volvo XC40, which has innovative safety technology, such as Pilot Assist and Cross Traffic Alert. However, one must not forget that the most basic safety feature of all is also the most important: the seat belt. Unbeknownst to most people, the Swedish automaker played a significant role in the development of the three-point safety belt in use in all modern cars.

Not many people are familiar with the name Nils Bohlin. He is a significant figure in the automobile industry and was an engineer for the Swedish brand in the late 1950s. He invented the V-type three-point seat belt that’s still in use today. This seat belt is far more effective than the rudimentary two-point seat belt that was in use before then.

With Bohlin working for Volvo automakers, the design belonged to the company. Volvo developers could have patented it or charged exorbitant license fees to other auto brands. However, realizing the seat belt can save lives, the higherups made the design freely available.

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Bohlin’s ingenious design that has saved countless lives. Bohlin himself conducted a study in 1967 examining the efficacy of his seat belt design. The findings examined 37,511 drivers and passengers utilizing the V-type seat belt that were involved in a collision. None wearing the belt sustained fatal injuries when speeds were below 60 mph.

The message of this post: buckle up. Aside from seat belts and car safety technology, another way to improve safety is via regular car care. Visit our Volvo service center near Seattle, WA to ensure safe operation on the road.

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