How to React to Common Road Hazards


Being a daily commuter has its inherent risks. Common hazards on the road are far and wide and range from inclement weather to reckless drivers. We all have to negotiate these hazards, though. You can greatly mitigate your risk by knowing how to respond should certain hazards arise.

Poor weather is a big factor that dictates your driving habits. When it’s raining, snowing, or foggy, double the following distance of the car in front. We suggest a minimum of four to six seconds. If you anticipate rain, perform a pre-drive inspection on your wipers.

Aside from weather, you also need to watch out for your fellow motorists, some of whom may be less alert than you are. Watch out for erratic drivers, speeders, and tailgaters. If you spot any abnormal driving behavior, create as much distance as possible. In the case of a tailgater, let the driver pass. Do not speed up to create more distance if it means putting you dangerously closer to the driver in front of you.

Apart from other drivers, you also need to be on the lookout for pedestrians. They’re not a safety threat to you, but a collision with a person on foot can cause that person serious injury. Give pedestrians the right of way even if they’re jaywalking or not using a crosswalk.

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